Getting Things Done God's Way

May 1st   |   Pastor Gail M. King   |   Series: Faith

   This year, many of us have seemingly insurmountable challenges as we accomplish what God has put into our hearts.  We’re starting new businesses, changing jobs, selling homes and paying down debt.  Through all of this we are trying to maintain the harmony in our homes and at work.  How do we get it all done and remain at peace?

   At times like these, it’s helpful to focus on our role model, Jesus Christ. You may ask yourself, “Can Jesus relate to what I’m going through?”  The word of God says that during His walk on earth, Christ faced the same challenges we face.

Hebrews 2:10, NLT

Since he himself has gone through suffering and testing, he is able to help us when we are being tested.

   In fact, Jesus faced trials that were far more frightening than our present challenges.

Matthew 16:21-27, NLT    (Jesus Predicts His Death)

From then on Jesus began to tell his disciples plainly that it was necessary for him to go to Jerusalem, and that he would suffer many terrible things at the hands of the elders, the leading priests, and the teachers of religious law. He would be killed, but on the third day he would be raised from the dead.  But Peter took him aside and began to reprimand him for saying such things. “Heaven forbid, Lord,” he said. “This will never happen to you!” 

Jesus turned to Peter and said, “Get away from me, Satan! You are a dangerous trap to me. You are seeing things merely from a human point of view, not from God’s.”  Then Jesus said to his disciples, “If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross, and follow me. If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it. And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul? For the Son of Man will come with his angels in the glory of his Father and will judge all people according to their deeds. 

 God Became A Mortal Man in Jesus Christ 

1)    Jesus left heaven and gave up His wealth and majesty for a time, to redeem us.

2)    On earth Jesus was obedient to His earthly parents.

3)    Jesus struggled with the imperfections and even the persecution of his family, closest friends and strangers.

John 13:36-38, NLT

Simon Peter asked, “Lord, where are you going?” And Jesus replied, “You can’t go with me now, but you will follow me later.” “But why can’t I come now, Lord?” he asked. “I’m ready to die for you.” Jesus answered, “Die for me? I tell you the truth, Peter—before the rooster crows tomorrow morning, you will deny three times that you even know me.

4)    Jesus was betrayed by his own disciples.

5)    Jesus withstood physical pain, humiliation, torture and deaf.

6)    Although He was innocent, Jesus took our sickness, poverty and death into His body on the cross.

   How did Jesus accomplish His work God’s way?  I believe that Jesus was able to get through all His tests and trials because HIS MIND WAS SET TOWARD GOD.  What do I mean?  I mean that Jesus was focused.  He knew why He came to the earth.  He was 100% committed to fulfill the will of His Father God. 

   We may ask ourselves, “Why did Jesus have to suffer so?”  What was His mission?

7 Reasons Jesus Came To The Earth 

1)    LOVE: Jesus came to the earth to restore man’s love relationship and fellowship with God.  God wanted us to know how much He, Jesus and the Holy Spirit love us.  God wanted to have an intimate relationship with us, living each day in us and enjoying our love.

2)    PROPHECY: Jesus came to the earth to fulfill prophecy.  God promised to send the Messiah. Jesus was the fulfillment of that promise.

3)    RESTORATION:  Jesus came to the earth to undo the work of the devil.  He came to take back (for man) everything the devil has stolen.  Jesus restored our relationship with God, He restored our righteousness, He restored our health and He restored our right to have all our needs met.

4)    TO DO THE WILL OF HIS FATHER:  Jesus came to do the will of His father.  He freely forgave sin, healed the sick, cast out tormenting spirits, raised the dead and became the hope of all the world. 

5)    TO BE A SACRIFICIAL LAMB: Jesus Christ died to remove the stain of sin from every believer.  He was the perfect sacrifice that purchased our freedom and our righteousness.  Sin, sickness and death no longer have any dominion over us.  Sin, which was once a barrier between God and man, no longer has any power over the believer.

6)    TO USHER IN GOD’S NEW & BETTER COVENANT: Christ’s death and resurrection set aside the Old Covenant and established the New Covenant.  Through Christ we have grace and truth.  We have been redeemed from every curse of the law and we are blessed in every area of life.

7)    TO FULFILL THE LAW:  Christ did not abolish the law of Moses, He fulfilled it.  Every believer is now righteous, pure, holy and blameless before God.  Christ paid the price for all our sins and He perfectly fulfilled the law.

 The Thinking Process of Jesus Christ

How He “Got Things Done” God’s Way

John 5:30, Amplified Bible

I am able to do nothing from Myself [independently, of My own accord--but only as I am taught by God and as I get His orders]. Even as I hear, I judge [I decide as I am bidden to decide. As the voice comes to Me, so I give a decision], and My judgment is right (just, righteous), because I do not seek or consult My own will [I have no desire to do what is pleasing to Myself, My own aim, My own purpose] but only the will and pleasure of the Father Who sent Me.

1)    Jesus trusted God with His life.

2)    Jesus believed the word and promises of God.

3)    Jesus focused on the joy set before Him.

John 10:17, NIV    Jesus knew He would be raised from the dead)

The reason my Father loves me is that I lay down my life—only to take it up again.

Hebrews 12:2, NIV   (Jesus saw His glorious future)

fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.


Jesus’ mind was made up. He lived for His father.  His parents, brothers and followers could not change His course.  He knew what He came to earth for and He lived His life with singleness of purpose.

   Can we do what Jesus did?  Yes!

a)             We can live to please the Father.

b)             We can trust Jesus and the Father.

c)             We can believe the word of God.

d)             We can live unchanged by others. We can lead instead of following.

   Getting things done God’s way is just a matter of really knowing Jesus, receiving His love and trusting in what He said.  The promises of God assure us of getting things done, God’s way.

Philippians 4:13, NKJV

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Matthew 7:7-8, NKJV

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.”

Matthew 6:33, NKVJ

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

Romans 8:37, NKJV

Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.


We Can Get Things Done God’s Way

   “Father God, we thank you for the life death and resurrection of Jesus Christ our Redeemer.  We have made Jesus the Lord of our life and we ask Father that you fill us with your Holy Spirit and control us.  Although we have much to accomplish in this season of our lives, through your wisdom, mercy and grace we are more than conquerors!  Give us a revelation of your love for us and the joy you have set before us.  In  Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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