The Book of Esther – The Power of Obedience & Humility

Mar 22, 2022

Revelation From The Book of Esther

  • The powerful duo of obedience (to God) and humility (before all) will save us, our family, and our nation. We see this in the lives of Esther, Moses, and King David.
  • Obedience toward God and walking humbly before God and man will overturn every enemy (great or small) that opposes God’s will for our lives.
  • God is present in every challenge (great and small) to manifest His presence, to fulfill His prophecies, and to fulfill His covenant promise to bless us.     
  • One obedient woman (or man) can become the catalyst to save their family, community, and nation.
  • Pride, rebellion, offense, and negligence precede destruction and failure, while obedience, humility, and diligence precede great promotion and honor.

God has a large (bigger than life) enormous plan for our good. Each challenge that is encountered by the saved and unsaved leans toward God’s purpose for good. Vashti’s disrespect of her husband challenged King Xerxes but ultimately promoted all of God’s servants.           

God plans that His presence and glory would be known far and wide by all, the saved and the unsaved. He achieves what no man can achieve that He may be seen, understood, and acknowledged by all humanity.           

Each promotion (such as Esther’s elevation to queen) is a divine appointment and a divine placement.  Promotions fulfill the prophesies and covenant promises of God.           

It is through obedience to the word of God and the fear of the Lord that the most incredible miracles are wrought in our lives. God seeks and promotes to honor anyone who will honor and obey Him as did King David.           

The book of Esther demonstrates that women especially have an enormous role in the blessing and protection of His people. 

It is through a woman’s fear of the Lord and submission to godly authority that she will come to reign. God has allowed women like Debra, a prophetess (Judges chapter 4), to lead rulers and entire armies to victory. God uses women like Jael (who killed the army general Sisera in Judges chapter 4) to singlehandedly slay dangerous leaders who threatened God’s people.           

In the book of Esther, we find that Queen Vashti was arrogant and disobedient, and she fell from power. In contrast, Esther was humble and obedient. God caused Esther to replace Queen Vashti. Esther was honored, favored by everyone, and given all her heart’s desires.     

Esther’s fear of the Lord, her obedience to godly authority, and her humility caused her entire family and nation to be saved and promoted! It is a great revelation to understand that God can utilize one obedient servant who honors Him above all else and use them as the catalyst to save a nation

God’s power is amplified through every obedient and humble servant.             

As God did with Esther, He makes us fearless, even able to submit our own lives for the lives of our family and nation.

As we exalt God and obey His precepts as our daily lifestyle, it brings promotion, favor, honor, and protection to our family, community, culture, and nation. As we individually submit to the will of God for our lives each day, we can go from glory to glory.

God, Himself will faithfully remove every hindrance that opposes us! 

It is God alone who judges; he decides who will rise and who will fall.– Psalm 75:7, NLT

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