Video Masterclasses

Dating Masterclass #052524

Video – 83 Minutes, $47.00

In the Christian Dating MasterClass, you will receive a comprehensive overview of Bible-based "Rules" that assure success in dating to marry. Discover what Christians should look for when dating and identify the questions every Christian should ask a date. Discern other people's true intentions toward you and their readiness to marry. Guard your heart from being broken! This class is a must for every Christian single who has asked God for a godly honorable spouse!



Emotional Healing Masterclass #042524

Video – 82 Minutes, $47.00

Apply God's step-by-step strategy to stop mental and emotional pain in this transformational class. Be encouraged by the surprising and candid emotional healing testimony of Gail King. Understand what triggers emotional setbacks and tap into God's unfailing blueprint to heal every relationship. Receive faith-filled prayer to be healed now and identify powerful healing scriptures. Let the revelation of the Word of God restore your joy, your enthusiasm, and your peace.


Divine Healing Masterclass #041124

Video – 119 Minutes, $47.00

This class video is an outstanding foundational overview of Divine Healing. Gail King, MA, candidly shares her healing journey and what you can do to receive your Divine Healing. In this step-by-step tutorial, discover the meaning of “genuine” faith and identify potent healing scriptures. Most importantly, unveil the “roadblocks” to healing and receive “real-time” prayer (in this video) to receive your healing. Start here and begin to live in Divine Health!



5 Steps to Emotional Healing: Conquer Anxiety & Depression

PDF Download – $10

Master your emotions! Discover how the Word of God can stop the pain and heal our minds and emotions. Identify multiple sources of comfort and support. Step out in faith to manifest your dreams and improve your overall health.


Speak God's Word

PDF Download –  $10

Discover how to use your spiritual authority. Speak God's Word in Jesus's name. Change circumstances! This ebook explains why it's important, how to take action, and how to biblically "decree a thing." Daily confessions are included along with powerful scriptures on Speaking God's Word.