I'm Ready to Step Out in Faith and RECEIVE God's Healing Power!

I'm eager to live in Divine Health and pray confidently for the healing of others.

"I received more physical relief from applying the Word of God than from any other means!" - Gail Marie King

Starting today, you could…

  • Learn to overcome physical pain and other symptoms of sickness
  • Pray with confidence for the healing of others
  • Move toward your healthy weight
  • Receive a certificate for your diligence and effort

Knowledge IS power. We’ll cover it all in the Divine Healing Certificate Course.


Divine Healing Certificate Course

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You Are Ready To Take Control of Your Health or Expand Your Ministry?

This certificate course will arm you with the Biblical principles you need to receive healing and to confidently pray for others.

  • Be in control of your health
  • Receive a certificate in Divine Healing
  • Pray effectively for others
  • Train others
  • Break free of dependence on science and drugs
  • Enjoy your ideal weight

With a simple shift in your mindset you can step out in faith feeling better than you've felt in months - or years!

God Has Given Us A Way To:

  • Receive divine healing directly from God
  • Reboot our energy, and regain our mobility
  • Overcome pain, symptoms, and anxiety
  • Enjoy a closer relationship with God and pray with power
  • Maintain our perfect weight
  • Regain our joy, peace of mind, and restful sleep
  • Be free of relying on drugs or narcotics
  • Avoid being a burden on others

Take Control of Your Health!

In the Divine Healing Certificate Course, you will learn Biblical principles to receive healing and to effectively pray for the healing of others!


What's Included In The Course...

This Divine Healing Certificate Course delivers 16 powerful video lessons along with Study Guides and Lesson Transcripts. Additionally, you will receive a certificate of completion. As a bonus, you receive three ebooks and audio MP3s of each lesson. Each lesson focuses on the following results:
  • Prayer for Divine Healing - In this video, the course opens with prayer for your healing.
  • God's Will - In this lesson, discover why God promised to heal you. Become confident in your ability to receive His healing.
  • Faith - In this video, distinguish the characteristics of real faith. Release the "God kind" of faith that releases His power for our healing and the healing of others.
  • The Name of Jesus - Learn to apply the Name of Jesus properly so that God's miracles flow through you.
  • The Holy Spirit - Access God's Holy Spirit. Think, speak, heal and pray the will of God in partnership with God.
  • Scriptures / Healing Promises - Identify the most powerful promises of God  (scriptures and verses) to speak God's Word and release healing.
  • Speaking God's Word - Speak the Words of God, confident that circumstances must change.
  • Overcoming Fear, Pain & Addiction - Overcome attacks of fear and pain. Break free of dependence on unhealthy foods and drugs.
  • Praying Effectively for Others - Pray the Word of God with confidence, knowing that others will receive healing.
  • The Keys to Divine Health - Understand the step-by-step Biblical blueprint to live in divine health.
  • Avoiding Roadblocks - Eliminate self-imposed roadblocks to physical healing.
  • Breakthrough Strategies -  Receive a plethora of spiritual tools to overcome any adversity.
  • Managing Doctors & Drugs - Discover practical steps to improve medical care. Incorporate divine healing into any medical plan. 
  • Meals & Weight Management  - Maintain your healthy weight and transition to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Our Daily Healing Confession - Begin today to speak the Word of God over your body to support your healing.

This Course Is For You If...

  • You're ready to receive God's natural healing and live in Divine Health
  • You are eager to be effective in your prayers for others
  • You believe that "nothing is impossible with God" ( Luke 1:37)

I'm Gail King...

"At one of the lowest points of my life, I was in a wheelchair and facing two operations. Even though I held a master's degree in guidance and counseling, my health challenges prevented me from working. As a Christian believer, I began to pray for a miracle and act on Divine Healing principles.
God took me out of the wheelchair and strengthened me to finish a 26.2-mile marathon. He paid off my medical bills. He broke my dependence on prescription drugs and freed me from their side effects. He taught me to use the Word of God to stop attacks of pain and sickness. He answered my prayers for the healing of others.
God guided me to develop this amazing video-based Divine Healing Certificate Course after more than a decade of studying Divine Healing, practicing Divine Health in my own life, and being licensed and ordained to minister to others. I have seen God's miracles! To receive God's healing power, study Divine Healing and act on the Words of God. Step out in faith!" 
- Gail Marie King, MA

Divine Healing Certificate Course

Payment Plan

$165 / mo

3 monthly payments

  • 16 Video Lessons
  • 16 Audio MP3 Lessons
  • 16 Lesson Transcripts
  • 16 Study Guides
  • 3 Bonus Ebooks
  • Email Support

Pay In Full Discount


Save $100!

  • $100 Off Tuition
  • 16 Video Lessons
  • 16 Audio MP3 Lessons
  • 16 Lesson Transcripts
  • 16 Study Guides
  • 3 Bonus Ebooks
  • Email Support
  • 30-Min Coaching Call

Friend/Family Discount


Discount for 2 People

  • $200 Off Tuition
  • 16 Video Lessons
  • 16 Audio MP3 Lessons
  • 16 Lesson Transcripts
  • 16 Study Guides
  • 3 Bonus Ebooks
  • Email Support
  • 30-Min Each, Coaching Call

If you aren’t completely satisfied with the Divine Healing Certificate Course, let us know within the first 30-days for a full refund. No questions asked.